Thank you very much to all the participants

It was great to have Ambassador of Pakistan, HE Mr. Aslam Khan, Pakistani & Kuwaiti Investors and Government Officials, Head of different Pakistani organizations in Kuwait, Top Projects Manager, Business Managers and IT professionals and would-be entrepreneurs under one roof. ALHAMDULILLAH, the journey has begun…

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Why You Should Attend This Conference?

You are not happy with the situation we are in, are you? We’ll show you a path; by walking it you’ll come to realize that this is the only sustainable way to Change Pakistan.

We’ll show you, how easy is to solve huge problems with the help of Entrepreneurial Mindset and how can you develop it.

Do you think lack of Money is the single most important factor which is stopping you to embark on Entrepreneurial journey? We’ll prove you wrong!

Come and see yourself, how others have created wealth for themselves by solving problems of Pakistan.

Get all your questions answered before launching your own startup.

Action packed two full days will get you geared up to embark on this interesting Entrepreneurial journey which is full of fun.

You’ll have the opportunity to hear stories of successful Entrepreneurs, they were once at the stage where you are right now! Opportunity to network, discuss and question successful individuals from all walks of life.

It would be one place where everyone would want to be whether you are a CEO or founder of a company, successful Entrepreneur, lecturer in a university, a recent graduate, student, or simply a person who wants to bring about a change in peoples lives.